Printing Instructions

Dear clients:

We strongly recommend that you read the following 8 printing instructions carefully before printing.

Please read the following details carefully:

1. The online platform can upload 10 files once, and a single file cannot exceed 64M.

2. In order to ensure the pass rate of order audits, the cloud platform does not allow multiple model files in a single file.

3. Before placing an order for the first time, client should check the material introduction, understand the performance of each material and the minimum standard of printing, and confirm the printed material.

4. the printing and post-processing of heterotypic parts are more complex, which increases the rate of bad parts. We will charge an additional appropriate fee according to the complexity of the model.

5. Please check the 3D files before uploading, whether they are suitable for printing conditions, in order to avoid delaying order processing speed;

6. The thickness of the files is very important. Generally speaking, the thickness of resin materials should be more than 1.2 mm. Please consult the online customer manager for details.

7. After hollowing out the printed files, the printing model can reduce more printing costs.

8. In order to better enjoy the all-round service of WeNext, please contact with the full-time customer manager assigned to you in time.