Non-disclosure agreement

Dear Wenext users:

Wenext  (herein after referred to as “the company”) will obtain virtual design data (herein after referred to as “customer data”) from customers during the free 3D file format conversion service to customers, and relevant intellectual property rights of such design data. And complete ownership belongs to the customer.

This confidentiality agreement shall be managed and interpreted in accordance with the relevant laws of use of the People's Republic of China. Both parties to the contract agree that any dispute concerning the confidentiality agreement will unconditionally obey the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. This agreement does not mean that any parties and partners establish any agency and cooperation relationship. If an agent or partnership is established, an agent/partner agreement is required.

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers, the company solemnly promises as follows:

1. Do not disclose customer data in any form to any third party that does not assume confidentiality obligations, unless expressly authorized by the customer in writing;

2. Do not use customer data in any form to assist third parties who do not undertake confidentiality obligations;

3. During the format conversion, we will properly keep customer data;

4. If the above customer data is found to be leaked, the company will take effective measures to prevent the leakage from further expanding and report to the customer in a timely manner;

5. If our company violates the above commitments, the customer whose rights have been infringed has the right to pursue the responsibility of our company, and our company will bear the economic losses and reputation losses caused to the customer;

6. This letter of commitment comes into effect after our company has signed and sealed the seal, and is valid for one year. After the letter of commitment comes into effect, our company and the customer separately sign a confidentiality agreement on the confidentiality of the customer data. This letter of commitment will lapse when the non-disclosure agreement signed otherwise becomes effective.