Photograph: 3DVerkstan

COVID-19 is officially a pandemic and affected millions. The 3D printing industry steps up to the plate and contributing to the battle. Up until now, there are many stories about 3D printed personal protection equipment (PPE) for healthcare providers from 3D suppliers worldwide such as printed masks, face shields, and more. 3D printing is widely adopted in the medical industry.


Below are some equipment that you could print with 3D printing technology. You could download and print to help to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic:


Hands-Free Door Openers

With this customized door handle, you could open and close doors with your arm instead of your hands so as to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus to some extent.

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Face Shield 


Photograph: 3DVerkstan

Designed by Erik Cederberg from 3DVerkstan, this plastic shield can be printed quickly on most 3D printers which could provide sufficient protection for those working in various healthcare agencies worldwide.

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Mask Adjuster

The adjuster, which was jointly designed by Peak Sport Products Co. and HP will play a role to relieve ear pain for hospital staff who need to wear masks for long periods of time.

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Stopgap Surgical Face Mask (SFM)

The Stopgap Face Mask was designed as an emergency action in an effort to provide backup PPE options if the standard PPE has become unavailable.


It consists of two main components (the mask body and the filter cover) and contains features for attaching two elastic straps and receiving a patch of filter material. It is recommended that the rectangular filter patch and elastic straps are disposed of after every use of this device.


Visit and download the file from the NIH 3D Print Exchange:

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