Photograph: Microsoft Flight Simulator 

Many People have been dreaming to fly and some of them will let their dreams take flight. One of them is the founder of SIMiONIC, Lichen. Lichen is an aviation enthusiast since he was a child and starting out to play Microsoft simulators in college. However, he found that there was no application for G1000 training when he bought his first iPad in 2010. Lichen would like to make a change and this is how the SIMiONIC project started.



Photograph: SIMiONIC Product Series


In the summer of 2015, Lichen quit his good job at the bank and started Private Pilot License Training at Florida, USA. He started his own business after obtained PPL (private pilot license) certificate. Lichen work as a one-man team in the early days and eventually he founded SIMiONIC.

In 2019, SIMiONIC presented their self-developed prototype of Cessna 172 simulator at FlightSimExpo, a famous North America's community-driven flight simulation conference in the United States. Their prototype attracted wide attention and drawn many amateurs to flight testing the simulator.

Conference attendees flight testing the simulator


SIMiONIC team simulated the Garmin G1000 integrated avionics system. This self-developed simulation software highly restores the function of G1000. The user interface and actual functions are highly similar to the target device.


FIG. SIMiONIC (top) vs. Garmin's G1000 operating system (bottom)


The simulator can meet the entertainment needs of simulated flight enthusiasts and can be applied to flight training in aviation schools. Besides, the system could cooperate with external flight simulation software (X-Plane or Microsoft FSX) which allow pilots and students to deal with complex avionics systems and instrument flight procedures for simulation training without the high cost.


Many domestic and foreign aviation schools and flight agencies have purchased the company's G1000 simulator and used to assist flight training and instrument proficiency training.


SIMiONIC and WeNext cooperation began in 2016, mainly in 3D printing and CNC services. Main materials used for the prototype are HP PA12 material, Somos GP Resin and Aluminum Alloy 6061 to perform product appearance and structure verification of knobs and levers.

Flap switch

The red one is the mixing ratio control lever and the black one is the throttle lever.

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