Imagine, rays of sunlight sprung through thick cloud and blue sky and reach your room, your flower in the vase would cheer and absorb the energy of sunlight to help them grow. A simple vase could be one of your best home decorating ideas that you could use over and over. We would like to present WeNext exclusive 3D Printed vase - Luming. 

Luming Vase design is inspired by the Ancient Classic Chinese Poetry from The Book of Songs. 鹿鸣(Luming) vase is designed with minimalism concept, the details on the vase are exquisite and elegant.

Not only it has a beautiful outlook, Luming Vase could showcase China traditional culture to the world.  Luming means deer sounds. Referring to the poetry, people are gathering and enjoying the feast, while deers are having their share of amusement and make a happy voice.


Besides, the vase is designed in a circle. The circle is a good symbol in Chinese culture which is a symbol of protection, inclusion, and wholeness. WeNext hopes the vase will bring good luck to you while making your space lively. 

"Less is more". Luming vase design looks simple but graceful. WeNext designer hopes Luming vase could encourage people to appreciate the beauty and actively create beauty with a new way of making.

3Dprinting vase, as a new form of visual art, a collision of ideas between modern science & technology and traditional culture could expand the possibility of art creation. By using 3D materials and process, 3D printing vase will redefine beauty in a new perceptive way and broaden your imagination.


Gifting Time – You may download FREE Luming Vase STL file from the WeNext website. You may upload the file to our instant quotation system and place an order. We could produce the vase as fast as 1 day.

Kindly download Luming Vase at below.

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We recommend resin or nylon materials for Luming Vase production.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any inquiries.

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