Lydia Li is a Guangzhou space experience designer and now resides in Los Angeles, California. She graduated with a Master's degree in 2019 at ArtCenter College of Design, California after earning her bachelor's degree at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2016. Her graduate project - Clout is a social space project which aims to unleash the potential of women.

“If women were one thing in nature, I think it would be CLOUD”, Lydia considered Clouds as the holy shrines in the sky which characterizes pure and undefined. They have the same attributes such as they are both known how to hide their capacities and bide their time to create storms, and they never stop seeking for independent and revolutionary changes on the inside.


The “electrification in clouds” symbolize a tone of grace, softness, and movement as an architectural  metaphor that reflects the huge potential of independent women


 The elements of clouds are distributed in the space freely, allowing visitors to communicate with each other when wandering around.


Space that would draw people in and create a sense of excitement and an element of surprise.

Gathering from the ground, the rising-steam structure provides visitors a compelling visual experience as they pass by.


The structure consequently attracting people to enter the salon and enjoy this cloud surrounded, sky flowing wonderland.


Spatial distance and emotional distance in interpersonal communication coexist differently.

As a warm welcome for people expecting sweet talks with each other, and to share the best taste of coffee/tea and its culture.


“How do you turn your ideas into reality?” It has been a concern for many students including Lydia Li who are facing various pressures such as cost control, time control and the manufacturability of the design in the practice of Graduation Design.

3D printing has a distinct advantage and plays an important role in manufacturing complicated parts with fast speed and relatively low cost. Lydia Li decided to work with us and realize her ideas with 3D printing technology. As one of the China's leading manufacturing platform, Wenext works closely with Lydia to ensure her graduate design project carried out smoothly and successfully.


Wenext has been working closely with numerous universities and maintain a good relationship. We aim to help lecturers and students to overcome obstacles of creativity and provide them the freedom to turn their dreams into reality.


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