Is it a fancy speaker that you are looking at? Look closer, even closer because the closer you look you would notice it is a cat litter box. It really is. A fashionable, yet functional cat litter box that gives a fresh look to your home or office. Combining 3D printing technology and household supply, Gizelle Cat Litter Box is a human-centered design that could improve the user’s lifestyles.

Gizelle Lifestyle Cat Litter Box designed by David Dos Santos and this product is the Winner in Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Category of A’DESIGN AWARD, 2018 - 2019. Click here to see more details: 

The inspiration comes from all of the latest soft tech gadgets and smart products which integrate nicely into our lifestyle environment. It’s a combination of soft looks and high end looks. We can see a transition in the pet market towards lifestyle products and soft textures and materials.


Designed for the small living, the box consists of two parts, the upper part is very light and easy to remove. The bottom part is very sturdy.

To clean the box, just lift up the lightweight top part. You can access the bottom part very easily for optimal cleaning.


Inside of the side panels, the designer integrated two really big carbon filters. The textile panels provide a constant airflow through the litter box, all going through the carbon filter, which means, not only more fresh air for you but also a better, healthier, and nicer environment for your cat. It’s so soft and your cat will love it. Your cat will probably scratch it however no worries as the felt covers are made for just that. There is plenty of replacement and styles to fit your taste and mood to match your lifestyle. The side panels are click-on and can quickly be replaced.

3D printing technology shows excellent performance on accelerating product development and would be one of the hottest trends in the tech world. As China's leading digital additive manufacturing solution provider, WeNext committed to bring more brilliant and humanized design to reality.

After several discussions with David Dos Santos, we decided to use the SLA process and Somos® GP Plus 14122 resin material for product verification. Somos® GP Plus 14122 resin is a material with a smooth surface, high precision, and good for post-treatment such as painting and plating. The part we printed for David Dos Santos can be used as an end-use product with high-cost performance.

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