3D printing brings new possibilities to accessories making. Creating jewelry prototype has become easier than before. WeNext, as China’s leading digital additive manufacturing solution provider, has the pleasure to work with various designers, one of them is Dr. Bin.

You may notice Dr. Bin’s unique and impressive 3D printed nylon necklaces and rings in our previous post. Dr. Bin embraced 3D printing technology and acknowledged its contribution to the process of making. Using 3D printing technology endowed her crafts with new vitality.

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Many other designers and craftsmen are still keeping an eye on how to broaden the design possibilities and at the same time reflect one’s personality and aesthetic standard on their designs with unrestricted technologies. There is nothing that can stop you from making the most out of 3D printing technologies which unleash your creativity and abstract ideas and start producing complex geometries and detailed parts even on small run production.

Not only designers can go wild with their designs, 3D printed jewelry is relatively less heavy compare to conventional jewelry. The weight of conventional jewelry might cause discomfort to the user. Fashionable yet easy to wear, a savior for all fashionista out there. 

Check out the below CUBE series eardrops. Designed with minimalist simple lines yet sophisticated and display serenity in the artwork. It is a successful attempt of ZAOME to design 9 different beautiful mini-world within 13*13*13mm space.

ZAOME named them respectively as A, B, X, D, E, F, G, H, I according to their shapes.



CUBE A, soft but  light dynamic shape which looks like a piece of black cloth flying in the hands of a magician.




CUBE B is like a box wrapped in headscarf, flexibly and regularly outlines the shape, leaving small gaps that are slightly breathable.




CUBE X is a small square radiating to the surroundings. The trajectory from the center to the edge is cut into a neat shape. CUBE X also looks like the romantic snowflake.



CUBE D designed with a slender skeleton stretched out of a tight curved surface, as if it can be blown, and well-proportioned with hidden power.



CUBE E built with layered blocks, the transparency and substance are constantly changing in the rotation which creates interesting visual diversity.



CUBE F is a frame winding with lines. Some lines imply folded surfaces that are folded in three and edged in six. They are trapped in a perpetual cycle.


 CUBE G represents time and space. The universe is expanding and the shape is changing.




CUBE H is a split square, which is cut three times and divided into eight pieces. It performs some constructivism.



CUBE I is a minimalistic geometric design square. The simple use of black lines conveys vivid effects which makes the perspective magnificent and fascinating.

     CUBE series eardrops are a great combination of technology and art. Each CUBE is only about 13*13*13mm in size. Thanks to the usage of the latest 3D printing technology, the total weight of a pair of eardrops is less than 1 gram.

The metal accessories used here are sterling silver and you will receive an exquisite bag and a greeting card at the same time.


If you are interested in this product and want to buy it, you may contact us at hello@wenext.hk to obtain the purchase link.


There are two other eardrops which might interest you, click here to free download and 3D print your own eardrops:



We recommend Nylon material for printing, such as SLS PA Nylon or MJF PA12, which are lightweight and can used as end-use parts.


Anyone with access to a 3D printer can download the design and 3D print it locally. People who don’t have access to a 3D printer or a local 3D print factory can also order through us. We could produce them as fast as 1 day.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@wenext.hk if you have any inquiries.


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