[Announcement]Material Update - Somos GP Resin

Dear WeNext Users:

Due to the epidemic outbreak, most of our partner factories have stopped production. The supply of Somos GP Resin is severely affected. As a result, we have to adjust the pricing of Somos GP Resin.

To relieve the situation, we have the latest addition to WeNext’s Materials – C-UV 9400E. C-UV 9400E is a good substitute for Somos GP Resin. C-UV 9400E is white colour, good and smooth surface finishing, suitable for product verification,and more. You may find C-UV 9400E specifications at https://www.wenext.hk/system/upload/materials/9400E-Material.pdf

Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate our users and please do not hesitate to let us know your feedback.

Shenzhen WeNext Technology Co., Ltd.

April 27, 2020