3D Printing Aluminum Material

Print aluminum with SLM 3D Printing to make metal part.

SLM Aluminum 3D Printing produces parts with good mechanical properties, high dimensional accuracy, and high strength. Annealing for the final part is available.

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Our Aluminum Material

We offer AlSi10Mg for SLM 3D Printing. AlSi10Mg features low density, good strength-to-weight ratio, high temperature and corrosion resistance. With excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, part printed by AlSi10Mg can be widely used in many applications. Final parts that are made with AlSi10Mg will process stress relief application.

Material Maximum Printing Size Lead Time Tolerance Minimum Layer Thickness Color Distortion Temperature


320*320*400mm 7 Business Days ± 200μm or 0.2%mm 1mm Metallic 100℃

Material Performance

Material Performance

  • Excellent Ductility
  • Good Electrical Conductivity
  • Good Thermal Conductivity
  • High Temperature and Corrosion Resistance


  • Create parts with internal channels and features are easier with aluminum 3D Printing.
  • Print assembly parts are available, reducing assembly time and improve manufacturing efficiency.
  • Parts require light-weight design and complex structures are highly suitable with aluminum 3D Printing.
  • Supports fast aluminum part prototyping to low-volume production, ensuring a sustainable production cycle.


3D printed aluminum parts are widely used in aerospace and automotive industry:

> Gearboxes

> Housings

> Brackets

> Heat exchangers

> Engine parts


How to 3D Print Aluminum?

We utilize SLM which belongs to powder bed fusion technology to print aluminum parts:


Step 1. Prepare STL files for aluminum parts. Convert STL files into G-code through slicer program.


Step 2. Parameters are setting accurately on the SLM 3D printer. The first layer is rolling down by the powder roller, while the laser light selects an area and melt and fuse the materials together.


Step 3. The printing bed is moving downward, and the roller rolls down a new layer of material, and the laser light keeps melting and fusing the selective area. The process repeats until final parts are shaped.


Step 4. Takes time for cooling down build chamber and 3D printed aluminum parts.


Step 5. Take the aluminum parts out of build chamber and remove residual powders on the printed parts.


Step 6. Send the aluminum parts to post-processing for better surface, higher hardness, higher mechanical properties, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can 3D printed aluminum be welded?

3D metal printed material is prone to porosity when welded. The heat of the weld melts material, causing microscopic voids and inclusions to combine and form significant porosity. But if the weld pool is melted a second time, the porosity can bubble out or vaporize from the weld area.

2. How much does it cost to 3D print aluminum?

Cost of aluminum 3D Printing depends on factors such as the part volumes, complexity and the types of post-processing you need. Get an instant quote here.

3. What does 3D printed aluminum look like?

3D printed aluminum has a grainy and rough surface but it is often adequate in most cases. To improve the surface, it is possible to ask for specific finishes such as polishing to obtain a smooth and shiny look.

4. Can I print moving parts with Aluminum?

As SLM metal 3D printing is very hard to clean residual powders in deep, narrow and hard to reach places, printing moving parts with aluminum is not recommended.

5. Which technology is used to 3D print aluminum parts?

Aluminum can be 3D printed with SLM and DMLS metal 3D Printing. At Wenext, we offer SLM 3D Printing to print aluminum parts.

6. What kind of finishes are possible with Aluminum?

We provide many surface finishing options for 3D printed aluminum parts, such as polishing, grinding, turning, milling, threading, heat treatment, etc. Contact our Customer Success Manager or email hello@wenext.com for more about making 3D printed aluminum parts.

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