Drift or climb? Here comes the cool and lifelike RC car!

Description: What is RC? It is the famous remote control model car, referred to as RC car (rc=remote control) - a cool toy for big boys!

Written by TOM    2022-06-13

-What is RC car?

What is RC? It is the famous remote control model car, referred to as RC car (rc=remote control) - a cool toy for big boys! RC car is more professional than ordinary remote control car. It is a reduced version of various real racing cars. It has the same mechanical principle as the real car, similar structure and control characteristics. It is composed of real structures such as independent power source, man-machine conversion system, progressive throttle braking, independent suspension, gear rack, etc.

There are many types of RC model cars. Like real cars, RC model cars are also divided into many types according to speed, climbing ability and off-road trafficability. For the convenience of your memory, here we organize them into two families: off-road family and peace running family.

RC model vehicle off-road family. The common models can be roughly divided into: Bigfoot vehicle, climbing vehicle, simulated off-road vehicle, short haul truck, desert truck, Baja, etc. The fun of off-road simulation lies in the fact that the appearance, structure and counterweight are as similar as the real car as possible, taking into account certain climbing ability. RC crawler is not famous for speed, but for conquering rugged and dangerous road conditions.

-What is the fun of RC car?

If you are a beginner, the fun of operating RC model car is that it can reach the same starting speed as the real sports car, make various fancy actions of climbing, cross-country, drifting, rolling and tail flicking, and enjoy the pleasure brought by the rapid rise of adrenaline. For advanced players, they can refit, assemble, repair and adjust their vehicles, share their experiences with friends or teammates, and participate in various events such as racing. Players can fully enjoy the greatest fun brought by their sense of control and conquest over machinery and events. Many friends who play DIY refitting RC cars usually choose 3D printing technology to make auto parts, such as car shell, frame keel, wave box and other internal parts. 3D printing has obvious advantages in personalized customization, modeling design, material weight control and other aspects, and it is also fast and convenient in processing.

Future workshop service case: ID xianyundi, a player of RC fans forum, climbs the DIY work of pipe rack car and uses the SLS process 3D printing technology of future workshop to make the main frame.

The main frame is a 3D printed piece with a diameter of 6mm. The material is future 7100 gray black nylon. This material has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good toughness and high strength. It can be used as a functional piece. At the same time, the 3D printed piece can reduce the weight of the car body and improve the performance of the car.

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