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Description: Wenext used SLA 3D Printing to produce 3D printed sculpture, and provided affordable price and high efficiency to the customers.

Written by Abigail    2022-06-13

Part 1. Customer Background

3D Printing changed the way of how artists turn creativity into reality. Artists can focus on designing and showcasing the models without worrying how to turn the models into an object, while 3D Printing delivers a versatile and efficient way to produce the models.

David and Richard are the artists who used 3D Printing to create their sculpture art work. The original concept of how to produce the sculpture was by bronze casting, however, the bronze casting limited further production to one piece at a time. It is necessary to find a more effective way for production, and they chose 3D Printing which is a new expressive option to create the sculpture for gallery exhibition. Fortunately, they are delighted with the result.

They entered “3 Cellmates” into the 192nd RHA Annual Exhibition 2022 with the 3D printed sculpture. As Ireland’s largest and longest running exhibition of visual art, the RHA annual show is one of the most prestigious art platforms in Ireland. To enter the final selection is significant for them. Delightfully, their sculpture "3 Cellmates" was accepted for this years’ RHA Annual exhibition at The Royal Hibernian Academy of Arts. “We have become very excited about further exploration of 3D Printing and experimenting with other materials and technical possibilities.”, said by David.


sculpture 3d prints,  the rha annual show

Image Source: David Byrne

Part 2. Wenext Role

After receiving the design on Wenext website's instant quoting engine, Wenext accessed the design and give fast response to David. Firstly, Wenext help the artists optimize and improve the STL files of the model. By knowing the sculpture is composed of many small parts and has a complex structure, Wenext suggest that it is better to assemble the sculpture from 3D Printed parts, rather than 3D Printing the entire design directly, so as to ensure that the sculpture is not easy to break during post-processing and shipping. “We learned a lot from Wenext about how to improve our 3D CAD models for efficient production.”

Wenext utilized SLA 3D Printing to produce the sculpture. This SLA printed sculpture used liquid resin as printing material to make sure the sculpture is with high precision and smooth surface finish. Wenext offered an affordable price and delivered the intact parts to the artists even the shipment is to Europe. Besides, this complex model is manufactured on time, which guarantee the artists have enough time to assemble the small parts and prepare for the exhibition.

Take a look at Wenext SLA Printing Service and SLA 3D Printing Materials if you are interested.


sla 3d printing

Image Source: David Byrne

Part 3. Customer Comments

The artists are satisfied with Wenext's one-stop services and pleased to work with us in the future. “After researching many 3d printing companies on the internet and speaking to many, we finally were very impressed by the enthusiastic interest and cooperation we experienced with Wenext. Wenext were very considerate of our budgetary limitations and did everything in their power to accommodate us. We were extremely happy with their patience and the attention they gave to out endeavor and we look forward to engaging in new projects with them in the future.”

Wenext would like to help every artist create masterpiece and chase dreams by our 3D Printing services.


3d printing services

Image Source: David Byrne


Please feel free to try instant quoting on our website or contact us at hello@wenext.com if you are interested.

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