SLS Printed Keyboard Base Improved Work Efficiency

Description: Wenext delivered high quality SLS printed keyboard base and satisfactory services to Japan customer, and helped the customer achieve what he needs.

Written by Abigail    2022-08-04

Part 1. Customer Background

Sometimes, inspiration comes from daily life. Likewise, one of our Japan customers Ataruno came up with an idea from daily work and was intended to improve working efficiency and embrace the joy of working. At the first place, Ataruno desired to design a DIY keyboard because working in front of computer for a long time is his daily routine. And his ideas to make the keyboard that can be separately placed on the chair armrest, while the specially designed keycaps and keyboard base are comfortable to type and operate. Combining all these ideas together, Ataruno chose 3D Printing to achieve what he needs.

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Image Source: Ataruno

Part 2. Wenext Role

Before printing, 3D model of the keyboard is the key point to move forward to creating a solid object. Atatuno collected 3D Printing information from YouTube and it is the first time for him to design 3D model on his own. CAD software Fusion360 by Autodesk helped him a lot. Without owning a 3D Printer, and after searching online 3D Printing services from many manufacturers on social media, Ataruno decided to trust Wenext.

By receiving Ataruno's 3D design on our instant quoting engine, we found that the file needs to be fixed. To make the file printable, we helped Ataruno improve the design on size, wall thickness, etc. By understanding the design, we suggested that it can be utilized Selective Laser Sintering to produce the custom keyboard base. SLS 3D Printing is being able to create durable keyboard base with good mechanical properties and high strength, while the SLS printing material we recommended is nylon powder with fiberglass (FS3400GB), further ensuring high quality of the SLS printed keyboard base. Overall, Wenext offers cost-effective and versatile 3D Printing solution so that Ataruno can lower the cost for even ordering the services from another country. The keyboard base parts were printed with high accuracy and delivered without damages, which guarantees Ataruno can assemble the keyboard smoothly.

Find out Wenext SLS 3D Printing Service and SLS 3D Printing Material if you are interested.


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Image Source: Ataruno

Part 3. Customer Comments

It is high quality 3D prints and satisfactory services that win trust of our customer. "The quality of the SLS printed keyboard base was good and the price was cheaper than other companies.", said by Ataruno. Such quality with lower cost impressed and delighted the customer. "Also, although I wasn't able to create a printable 3D model, Wenext provides helpful and careful advices to me. I am happy with the seamless communication and kind correspondence from Wenext. Thank you!"

We are looking forward to better server worldwide customers and ready to deliver a wide range of 3D Printing Services at any time! Please feel free to try instant quoting on our website or contact us at hello@wenext.com if you are interested.


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Image Source: Ataruno

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