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Written by Abigail    2022-11-02

Part 1. NUS and Wenext

Wenext is dedicated to help colleges to fulfill task and research by our massive in-house manufacturing capabilities, including CNC Machining and 3D Printing services. This time we sponsored National University of Singapore (NUS) race team in Formula SAE. We utilized CNC Machining to help NUS manufacture race car components which was nicely fit the original model design and specifications. “The suspension clevises machined for us by Wenext handles the entire dynamic loading of the car, which was tested at various terrain and speeds. The components are structurally sound despite the heavy loadings of an in-motion race car. We are pleased with the quality of parts produced from Wenext.”

 nus college race team


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Image Source: NUS Race Team

Part 2. Design Ideas of the Car Components

We machined the suspension clevises with high quality and perfect accuracy for NUS race team. NUS explained the design ideas of the CNC machined car components and how the components worked with the car.

“Most of our design are based on simulations done on the part to achieve a light and reliable car for the competition. Topology optimization simulation was done on each part to under the load path through the part we design as shown in Figure A. With that understanding, we can have an idea of the shape of the part with the highest strength to weight ratio. This also allows us to determine what material to use for the component and how we can introduce weight saving holes to lighten the component yet maintain structural integrity.”

A slight part of the race car will affect the car performance and speed, so we strive to produce the CNC machined parts that can achieve desired specifications, functionalities and quality of the race team. And we were glad that NUS race team were delighted with the parts.

“The parts we received are within tolerance and with nice surface finish, not requiring any post-processing for any parts on our end at all. The quality of parts is top notch and does not have any issue handling high speed and loading during our test runs.”


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Image Source: NUS Race Team

Part 3. NUS Looks Forward to Next Season Partnership

NUS race team was not only satisfied by the quality of machined parts, but also our excellent service. “Working with Wenext was a pleasant and smooth experience. The dedicated customer success manager was assigned to manage our order request and enquiries.” Under pandemic situation, the team still received the car components in an efficient method and they were impressed with our fast response. “Replies and delivery were done promptly to allow us to get the car out and running early for testing and preparation for our competition. Especially with the current pandemic situation causing several delays in production and delivery of our other components, it was delightful to have requested parts to be machined and sent quickly by Wenext.”

Moreover, the team is highly positive of the partnership of next season’s car, the R23e, and looking forward to working with us in the future competitions.

“We hope that we can maintain collaboration with Wenext as they are very attentive to our request. With the team requiring adherence to the strict rules for the competition, we have very specific requirements for the parts we are looking to manufacture. However, Wenext was able to understand our needs and deliver the parts exactly as specified by our requests regardless of complexity. That sets the precedence for future collaboration and manufacturing of similar or newer parts to come. We are definitely keen on working together with Wenext to aid us in manufacturing even more components as we embark on the next competition season’s car.”


nus college race team

Image Source: NUS Race Team

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