The Best 3D Model Sites for 3D Printing Mechanical Parts

Written by Fiona    2022-07-13

Whether you are an engineer or a 3D Printing hobbyist, you might already be skilled at creating the mechanical or nylon parts that your company or you need to 3D print. But if there are some 3D model websites to make your work more efficient, why not use them? So, we find many sites offering 3D models for mechanical parts or nylon parts , and you can design with them or look at how other people design their works. Those sites will inspire you and give you advice. Once you have completed your 3D model design, it is up to you whether you choose SLS or MJF to 3D print.3d printed mechanical parts, 3d mechanical parts websites

Image Source: Shinsuke Miyazaki

Part 1. Top 10 3D Model Sites for 3D Printing Mechanical Parts

1. Autodesk Online Gallery

Whether an engineer or a 3D Printing hobbyist, you will be familiar with Autodesk from the United States, the world's leading design software and 3D model websites company, with a very functional website for 3D model design like mechanical parts. The site is also available in multiple languages, providing an excellent service for engineers and 3D printing hobbyists worldwide. As a designer, you can not only use the site to design your 3d print model but also see many users' designs and what kind of technologies they chose, SLS, SLA, or MJF? Like and comment on others' designs, and you can even search for the 3d model design you need by tagging industries, which is convenient.autodesk online gallery, 3d mechanical parts

Image Source: Autodesk Online Gallery

2. Traceparts

TraceParts is the first company in the world to offer 3D digital part warehouses, based in France, with more than 100 million 3D printed mechanical parts that can be downloaded for free for life with a simple registration. As an international 3D model site, it offers customized services for different customer groups. Not only for digital makers. If you are Part of Manufacturers and Distributors, you can buy 3D printed mechanical parts. If you are a Part Manufacturer and Distributor, you can buy 3D printed mechanical parts on this website because TraceParts is trustworthy. And if you are Digital Marketers, TraceParts has 900,000 opt-in addresses and 4 million unique visitors each year, and your advertising will be very effective.traceparts, 3d printed mechanical parts, 3d model site

Image Source: Traceparts

3. Part Supply

If you are looking for a free 3D model site, PartSupply might be your best choice. PartSupply is one of the massive platforms of Dassault Systèmes, the makers of Solidworks. It's known for it has more than 60 million qualified components and part configurations from more than 1,000 well-known parts suppliers, where you can find any industrial part you want, as long as you can provide semantically, multi-criteria, similarity, compare, standard number, etc. Partsupply can help designers evaluate technical features, performance, and quality by comparing them with parts in the database, saving them time in testing. Many vendors offer STEP, Solidworks, Catia, and many more formats for designers to download free, but you should be aware that these files are for design and part verification and not for 3D printing.part supply, free 3d model site

Image Source: drag&drop

4. McMaster-Carr

McMaster-Carr Supply Company, an American company with a history of over 100 years, is not strange to any engineer or any hobbyists with engineering training. This 3D model website offers all the nuts, bolts, hinges, and fixtures you might need as an engineer, and with a clean and simple home page, you can easily find the parts you need, then click on the link. Not only that, but you can save the time of looking up CAD models, as the site may also offer CAD models, which is very beneficial for engineers who want to ensure product design accommodate standard parts.mcmaster-carr, 3d model website

Image Source: McMaster-Carr

5. 3D Content Central

Suppose you were a 3D printing hobbyist who wanted to find 3D print file websites to download free STL files. 3D ContentCentral is precisely what you are looking for so far. 3D ContentCentral is run by Dassault Systèmes, the makers of Solidworks. You can create an account to access all 3D files for free. But you need to be aware that some CAD models upload by suppliers and can only be used for design. With the permission of suppliers, you can print and edit. In contrast, most CAD models shared by contributors are free to print and edit.3d content central, 3d print file websites

Image Source: 3D Content Central

6. GrabCAD Community

GrabCAD Community is similar to Autodesk. It is a community of engineer users. It is also a 3D model website free for users. GrabCAD claims there are more than 10 million engineers and more than 5 million free CAD files in their community. You can search for the file you want by date, part type, and software name.grabcad community, 3d model website free

Image Source: GrabCAD Community

Part 2. Online 3D Printing Mechanical Parts at Wenext

Wenext provides online 3D Printing services, including SLA, SLS, MJF, and SLM 3D Printing technologies for engineer to 3D print mechanical parts. We deliver high quality final parts with short lead time, while customers can choose the service accordingly. Customers can upload their STL files on our instant quoting engine directly and get quotation seamlessly. Our customer success manager will be with customers shortly after the file just uploading on the website to ensure the file is printable. For more information, send an email to hello@wenext.com.


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