Top 10 Free 3D Modeling Software for Beginners in 2022

Written by Fiona    2022-07-11

If you are interested in 3D modeling or are a 3D printing hobbyist, want to learn 3D modeling with free CAD software. This article will introduce top 10 free 3D modeling software tools for you. As long as you spend time practising, you can also learn 3D modeling well with the help of these 10 best free 3D modeling software tools.3d modeling, free cad, free 3d modeling software

Image Source: SketchUp Free

Part 1. Top 10 Free 3D Modeling Software for Beginners

1. SketchUp Free

SketchUp is a sketch and extrude CAD program known by professional engineers. SketchUp Free for Web is the accessible version of SketchUp. This browser-based edition is more suitable for beginners because it is easy to use and is considered one of the best free 3D modeling software.

When you use SketchUp Free, the simplified web version, you will find out it has a user-friendly interface. Besides, there are plenty of SketchUp Free tutorials to check when you have problems. You can also find detailed courses like SketchUp Fundamentals from community tutorials on YouTube and various blogs.

As a beginner, you can hone your 3D modeling skills on a navigable interface without limitations.sketchup free, free 3d modeling software

Image Source: SketchUp Free

2. Blender

Blender has two advantages over other software. Firstly, it has great suggestions for beginners as a 3D software free for everyone. Secondly, Blender subReddit has more than six times the number of members as the second largest 3D modelling software.  Blender subReddit is full of experienced artists who are perfectly approachable, showing their work and sharing tutorials. The community has a great atmosphere where you can gain detailed tutorials and meet a lot of like-minded people at the same time.blender, 3d software free

Image Source: Blender

3. Tinkercad

Just like SketchUp, it can use in the browser. And it is specifically designed for beginners without prior CAD experience. Tinkercad is a free 3D software from Autodesk. You will see a colourful and straightforward look when you click on the interface. It's not only free for everyone but also safe for all ages. Especially suitable for children because it has massive tutorials. If you get stuck when you design your 3D modeling, you can go for the Tinkercad learning page. It will guide you through model-making in detail. Or go for the Tinkercad's gallery to find some 3D models.tinkercad, autodesk tinkercad, free 3d software

Image Source: Tinkercad

4. Meshmixer

Meshmixer is also a free 3D modeling software developed by Autodesk. Although it's not primarily for beginners, it allows you to manipulate, add to, splice, merge models and more easily. Because Meshmixer is tailor-made for 3D printing, you can not only use it to repair, tweak, or optimize existing 3D models but also can sculpting and solid modeling tools built in. Like every excellent free 3D modeling software does, Meshmixer offer a manual by Autodesk to teach you unfamiliar terminology to get your footing. If you want a simple tool that remains useful in the future, Meshmixer is your best choice.

Image Source: Meshmixer

5. SculptGL

Excellent 3D design software doesn't mean being developed by a big company. SculptGL is an essential software developed by a small-scale company. Because it is a freely accessible, browser-based open-source, and convenient for user sculpting program, unlike other 3D design software for beginners, it is limited and doesn't have many tutorials. You can find some approachable tutorials on YouTube and a community. Although it has a standalone version for offline use, it's totally the same as the online one. You can get a quick practice with this simple browser program. It will be a good start for sculpting without any commitment.sculptgl, 3d design software

Image Source: SculptGL

6. BlocksCAD

Like Tinkercad, BlocksCAD is a free modeler specially developed for beginners and children to ease them into 3D modeling through the script. BlocksCAD simplifies OpenSCAD scripting for beginners with an attractive and colourful interface. As the program is aimed at beginners, there isn't much community content, but OpenSCAD lessons and tutorials are also suitable for BlocksCAD.blockscad, free modeler

Image Source: BlocksCAD

7. Vectary

Vectary is considered the "easiest online 3D and AR design tool". It is a browser-based and parametric modeling software. It is suitable for beginners because it only requires basic knowledge of 3D design concepts when you use Vectary's simple tools.

Vectary has a unique sharing and collaboration tool. It may be attractive to beginners. You can create teams to communicate with your teammates, making working on projects more accessible.vectary, 3d design

Image Source: Vectary

8. Leopoly

Leopoly is also a free browser-based free 3D software sculpting program that provides a convenient selection of tools. It is a good entry point for beginners and children to learn 3D sculpting, customizing, and 3D printing their 3D models initially because of its simplicity. 

There is a short document that guides you through your first model. What's more, there are some helpful tutorials for studying if you have a problem. Since watching detailed sculpting tutorials based on programs like ZBrush might work on Leopoly, you can see that too.leopoly, 3d software

Image Source: Leopoly

9. Wings3D

Wings3D is an open-source mesh modeler with advanced tools. Although the tools are new, it won't scare beginners off. Wings3D is considered best free 3D modeling software because it uses a context-sensitive right-click menu that only shows relevant commands according to the user's current selection. This wonderful feature makes the program approachable for beginners despite the advanced options available in it. You can know every command function by hovering over the commands, which is convenient for new users. If you are a beginner looking for a large selection of tools with a clean interface that's easy to navigate. Wings3D is exactly what you are looking for.wings3d, best free 3d modeling software

Image Source: Wings3D

10. ZBrushCoreMini

Maybe you know Pixologic's ZBrush, a powerful and popular sculpting program among those professional 3D designers. But do you know it has a tripped down version ofPixologic's ZBrush called ZBrushCoreMini. ZBrushCoreMini is a free 3D modeling software specially made for beginners, which is easy to learn for beginners without modeling experience. For those interested in VDM brushes and digital sculpting, ZBrushCoreMini is really good for them. You can find a good variety of tutorial content from ZClassroom, they have lessons for all basics.zbrushcoremini, zbrush, free 3d modeling software

Image Source: ZBrushCoreMini

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