The Best SLS 3D Printers of 2022

Written by Abigail    2022-06-22

SLS 3D Printing uses a high-power laser to sinter and fuse the polymer powder together and build solid parts layer by layer, which can produce parts that are strong, durable, finely detailed, and flexible. SLS printer manufacturers are delivering various types of SLS printers to the market and boast that selective laser sintering outperforms injection molding, so in this article, let's learn and discover the best SLS printers of 2022.the best sls printer, sls 3d printing, selective laser sintering printer

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Part 1. Why Choose SLS

Before talking about which are the best SLS 3D printers in the industry, there are some reasons that SLS is worth considering when choosing the right manufacturing technology to create functional parts.

1. High quality products. SLS can create parts with high mechanical properties and precision that can reach end-use quality.

2. Support-free. SLS printing doesn't need supports in the most cases, which means it is suitable for design and produce parts with complex shapes and geometries.

3. Sustainable. Much of the loose powder in depwodering process can be recycled, which means materials and maintenance cost is lower.

4. Material flexibility. Compared with SLA 3D Printing, there are a wide range of materials such as PA, PPGB, HP, etc., while blending materials is available according to specific requirements on product toughness.

5. Multiple post-processing available. To get detailed surfaces and unique colors, SLS printed parts can be processed with sand blasting, grinding, and painting, etc.sls 3d printers, sls printing

Image Source: EOS

Part 2. Top 10 SLS Printer

1. Formlabs Fuse 1

Formlabs SLS printers are highly suitable for independent manufacturing and prototyping, and Formlabs Fuse 1 is one of the top recommendations. Affordable, reliable, and compact selective laser sintering 3d printer are tags of Fuse 1. Formlabs Fuse 1 price starting from $18,499. Featuring a full color touchscreen interface, it delivers a user-friendly experience so that users can follow every step of printing easily. Fuse 1 is designed for high productivity. Compatible with removable build chamber, which enables Fuse 1 keep printing and reduce downtime. Besides, the leading cooldown times allows the next printing in a short time. Working with Fuse 1 in which hardware, software, and materials are developed and validated together, optimizing printed parts quality and cost.formlabs fuse 1, formlabs SLS printers, formlabs fuse 1 price

Image Source: Formlabs

2. Sintratec Kit

It is not easy to find the excellent desktop SLS printer, however, Sintratec Kit is the one we recommend. The Sintratec Kit is the ideal solution for both entry-level additive manufacturing hobbyists and professional industrial users. The printer is easy to understand and operate. Freeform, movable parts, multiple nested objects can be printed in high accuracy and resolution by the Sintratec Kit. Besides, the printer supports multiple materials so that it can meet the professional need from various industries, such as medical, education, engineering, etc.sintratec kit, desktop sls printer

Image Source: Sintratec

3. Sintratec S2

Besides Sintratec Kit, there another SLS printer that we should mention of the Sintratec printer family, that is Sintratec S2. The printer offers the all-in-one solution by integrating material preparation, printing and depowdering in a closed and semi-automatic system, which minimizes downtimes and optimizes cost. Through the efficient screening and mixing function in the Sintratec Material Handling Station, there is no need to use additional equipment for reprocess used material into ready-for-printing material, which ensures a clean working environment and good for health. The Sintratec S2 price is affordable, please check through the website and get quote.sintratec s2, sintratec s2 price

Image Source: Sintratec

4. Sinterit NILS 480

Speaking of industrial SLS 3D printer, Sinterit NILS 480 can meet your needs. Equipped with the Galvo laser scanning system, The NILS 480 can print fast and efficiently, which means most printing tasks can be done within 24 hours. Besides, with continuous printing and automatic powder dispensing systems, efficiency is improved. You don't have to repeat the printing preparation process and powder filling by the continuous printing systems, while all you need to do is filling the container with materials and let the printer manage the rest of the process with automatic powder dispensing systems. It's an ideal win-win solution.sinterit NILS 480, industrial sls 3d printer

Image Source: Sinterit

5. Sinterit Lisa X

Sinterit Lisa X, featuring great printing quality, is a large SLS printer with a build volume of 130 x 180 x 330 mm. The printing speed of the Lisa X is guaranteed as it can print up to five print beds per week. The printer is compatible with a wide range of materials, which means the range of applications and prototypes are enormous. To enhance efficiency and productivity, the printing and cooling time of the Lisa X is optimizing so that users can create more parts in short lead time. You don't have to compromise on quality to prototype faster with Sinterin Lisa X.sinterit lisa x, large sls printer

Image Source: Sinterit

6. 3D Systems ProX SLS 6100

Production-grade SLS 3D printer from 3D Systems, the ProX SLS 6100 on one of the best- in class that delivers high quality parts and fast build times. The ProX SLS 6100 is the automated production tool that brings versatility to various applications, such as functional prototyping, impact and temperature resistant durable parts, reduced weight production parts, and machinery components, etc. Equipped with new air-cooled laser, the printer provides production quality parts in a fast, efficient and versatile process. The ProX SLS 6100 is being able to print any design without using supports or post-processing, which enables users to reach production goals easily.prox sls 6100, 3d systems, sls 3d printer

Image Source: 3D Systems

7. Wematter Gravity

Easy to use, plug & play, no additional service plans are the tags of Wematter Gravity SLS printer. Imagine every time we print an object, it would take really long time to wait and the results aren't always satisfying. Printing with Wematter Gravity, it saves working time while prints strong parts. A reliable printer can print high quality parts without any production interruptions. User can print parts easily without the need for powder rooms, dedicated staff and complex settings, Wematter Gravity is reliable and accessible, and being able to recues cost in every production process.wematter gravity

Image Source: Wematter

8. Prodways ProMaker P1000 X

If you are looking for a SLS printer with fast printing speed and large production volume, and at the mean time you don't need to compromise on product quality, Prodways Promaker P1000 X is what you need. Featuring large building platform, high productivity, advanced thermal control, the printer can create SLS parts with high precision, high strength cost-effectively. Besides, accuracy and flexibility are advantages as well. The printer owns fine laser beam, new advanced real-time slicer, 24 points thermal field control points which delivers accuracy, and it is easy to implement and switch between the available materials which offers flexibility.prodways promaker P1000 X, sls parts

Image Source: Prodways

9. EOS FORMIGA P 110 Velocis

Sometimes, it is not easy to control the costs when you processing a project. With EOS Formiga P 110 Velocis, the only running costs are the material and electricity, which result in lowering the operating costs. Moreover, binding agents are not required. Printed parts are application-ready after unpacking and blasting, which means there are no post-processing steps are required as the Formiga P 110 Velocis delivers high reliability and efficiency. Besides, the Formiga P 110 Velocis is extremely user-friendly, you don't have to spend too much time on figuring it. Thus, the printer enables you to expand business model easily.eos formiga p 110 velocis

Image Source: EOS

10. Sindoh S100

Sindoh S100 offers sustainable and innovative addictive manufacturing solutions to the industry. From rapid prototyping to mass production, large SLS printer Sindoh S100 is capable of meeting every need with the satisfying build volume of 510 x 510 x 500 mm and the extreme fast printing speed of 4.7 L/h. You can accelerate project and production lead time as easy as possible. With 21.5" full color touch screen, you can preset and operate the printer smoothly. The printer is compatible with material packages PA12, PA11, TPU, and PP to deliver a fully open and flexible printing process. Furthermore, the S100 is the first commercially available SLS printer with Materialise’s latest innovative process technology. Sindoh S100 is totally worth considering if your budget is not limited.sindoh s100, large SLS printer

Image Source: Sindoh

Part 3. SLS 3D Printing at Wenext

After introducing different types of SLS 3D printers in the market, it is common that if you think SLS printers are expensive than FDM/ SLA printers, so that you may think it is a burden to afford a SLS printer even the technology brings functional parts that resemble end-use quality parts. However, there’s still another option available! That’s Online SLS 3D Printing.

Wenext offers online SLS 3D Printing with affordable price and short lead time. Simply, you can upload your files on Wenext's instant quoting engine, and your designs turning into reality is in process. Then the flawless printed parts will go through strict quality inspections before delivering. Wenext is dedicated to deliver the best services to satisfy different manufacturing needs at any time! Please feel free to try instant quoting on our website or contact us at hello@wenext.com if you are interested.


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