20 Cool SLA Models for 2022

Written by Abigail    2022-06-01

SLA 3D Printing can print parts with smooth and detailed finish which appeal many hobbyists to print models with this technology, some of them may even buy themselves a decent SLA Printer. For beginners or for those who have printed so many models, sometimes they need inspirations and cool ideas to print SLA models. In this article, we list 20 cool SLA models for you to make your selections or inspire yourself to design resin print models. Keep reading and discover with us!

cool sla models, resin printing files

Image Source: Formlabs

Part 1. 20 Cool SLA Models for 2022

1. Rocket Raccoon

Some classic figures can trigger great ideas, and the models are always fun things to print. Rocket Raccoon 3D Printing is one of the cool resin printing files to print with SLA. To make sure successful printing, the STL files of the Rocket Raccoon are already optimized.

rocket raccoon, cool resin printing files

Image Source: Ranger on Gambody

2. Porsche 911

Car models are always cool and fun to print! If there are too many 3D Printing supercars on your list, how about considering the Porsche 911. This resin 3D models can by printed by SLA and the STL files are ready for 3D Printing!

3d printing supercar, resin 3d models

Image Source: Sim3D on Sketchfab

3. Eiffel Tower

Architecture 3D resin models stay popular throughout the history of 3D Printing, and the Eiffel Tower is one of the best. But it is not easy to find the one with high-resolution and detailed files, please check out our selection for you!

architecture 3d printing, 3d resin models

Image Source: B9Creations on Thingiverse

4. Cute Rabbit

Printing cute SLA 3D Models is the way of curing yourself. Cute rabbit can be one of your options. It is easy to print successfully and you can make you prints hollow as SLA can print hollow parts. Check out the STL which is ready to 3D Printing and get your own rabbit as cute decoration in your house.

cute rabbit 3d printing, sla 3d models

Image Source: SeberdrA on Sketchfab

5. Jurassic Park

You can print movie you like through SLA 3D Printing, and assemble the parts into a whole scenario. However, finding STL files like that may not be an easy task. Here we recommend the Jurassic Park STL files to you, you can also paint the parts in colors you like in SLA post-processing part.

jurassic park sla 3d printing

Image Source: Docik on Gambody

6. Aquarius Mask

Aquarius mask with complex structure can be printed by SLA. You can customize your own party mask or fashion mask by the inspiration from this Aquarius mask. By grinding, sand blasting, and painting, you can have an exquisite mask. The printing files are ready for you, download now!

aquarius mask sla model

Image Source: Antuna on Sketchfab

7. Keycap

Have you thought about upgrading your keypad with custom 3D printed keycaps? They can be great tool to win games and nice decorations. There are a wide range of color and hardness choices if using SLA 3D Printing, so that you can even make a rainbow keypad. It's time for creations!

keycap sla model

Image Source: baze on Thingiverse

8. Lotus

3D Printing small objects and DIY them into a nice shape is never out of style. Make a beautiful lotus by putting its petals piece by piece, the SLA printed lotus can be a nice decoration on the table or nightstand. As transparent resins are widely used in SLA printing, you can print a crystal lotus and paint it with color you like.

lotus sla model

Image Source: DoritoMojito on Myminifactory

9. Neo Matrix

3D Printing figures in Matrix, and make them last forever in the time and space of yours. We found Neo 3D models that can be printed by SLA 3D Printing for you, the files are optimized for printing.

neo sla model, neo matrix 3d printing

Image Source: Pentatonix on Gambody

10. Globe Ornament

If you are working for fashion industry, there are some jewelry ideas and inspirations we want to share with you! The global ornament 3D model with detailed surface and interesting structure, it can be printed as a pendant or a decoration in a large size.

globe ornament sla model, jewelry 3d printing

Image Source: and7 on Sketchfab

11. Organic Heart

The second jewelry 3D design we recommend is this organic heart. Resin jewelry is becoming more and more popular recently, the 3D model of this organic heart can be printed by SLA resins. As SLA is capable of printing hollow parts, the organic heart printed part can have an exact copy of the design.

jewelry sla 3d printing

Image Source: martinpmp on Myminifactory

12. Ring

How about printing a resin ring which is durable and gorgeous! 3D Printing rings deliver happiness as you can choose color freely, customize the size of the ring, design unique pattern, etc., which means the ring will be 100% fits you. The whole process will be so delightful.

jewelry sla 3d printing

Image Source: tato_713 on Thingiverse

13. Dice

You will never get bored if you love 3D Printing. Printing a dice and use to when you are too confused and you have too many alternatives, or you can bet with your friends. Dice is a fun thing to get rid of boredom.

dice sla 3d printing, dice sla model

Image Source: HalfwitTomfoolery on Youmagine

14. Crystal Chess Set

Transparent resins deliver infinite possibility to SLA 3D Printing. Printing a set of crystal chess and play with your friends will be a nice recreation. You can also enjoy the process of post-processing after printing the exquisite chess.

chess sla model, chess sla 3d printing

Image Source: ChaosCoreTech on Thingiverse

15. Cute Little Animals

Printing cute little animals and make them the decoration of backpack, bookshelf, or counter. The whole process is so enjoyable that will drift your worries away. Sometimes you may find it is hard to focus and stressed, printing these cute models will give you some peace. Enjoy!

cute animals sla model, cute sla printing

Image Source: ahingel on Sketchfab

16. Pony Toy Car

Printing a toy car by SLA will be fun! The components of the car can be printed separately, and you can assemble or DIY them afterwards. It takes time to do the post-processing works but it’s worthy! You can feel the sense of achievement after making the one and only car that created by yourself.

toy car sla model, toy car sla printing

Image Source: Slava on Youmagine

17. Wonder Woman 2017

We have talked about several classic movie figures above, but we still want to recommend two the best-in-class figure 3D models to you. The one is Wonder Woman SLA model! Look at the details and vividness of the model, it is not difficult to print it successfully, while you can also customs outfits for your 3D printed Wonder Woman.

wonder woman sla model, wonder woman sla 3d printing

Image Source: id: 54436 on Gambody

18. Jack Sparrow

The second we want to recommend is the Jack Sparrow SLA model. The intricate details of this 3D designs make everything right. The printed parts can be one of your collections.

jack sparrow sla model, jack sparrow 3d printing

Image Source: Jarek Kučera on Gambody

19. Cute Sleepy Kitten

Printing a cute sleepy kitten is an easy task, and we find this printing file with high quality resolution for you. After printing, you can paint the kitten and make it vivid. Take your time!

cute kitten 3d printing, kitten sla model

Image Source: SeberdrA on Sketchfab

20. Bulbasaur

Remember how popular Pokémon is? Every figure in it can be printed by SLA 3D Printing, and today we recommend Bulbasaur SLA model to you. Finding the right STL file to make sure successful printing. The printing file is in high resolution to ensure that the SLA printed Bulbasaur is high quality and vivid.

bulbasaur 3d printing, bulbasaur sla model

Image Source: LessaB3D on Sketchfab

Part 2. Online SLA 3D Printing at Wenext

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