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Written by Abigail    2022-05-25

Metal 3D Printing delivers lots of benefits to various industries from manufacturing to high-tech companies. It creates metals parts that can be used directly and parts with shapes and complex structures in one piece, which enhances manufacturing efficiency and productivity by saving time on assembling and testing parts. Metal 3D Printing produces functional prototypes and even special metal components for high-tech industries such as aerospace, automobiles, and medical industry. Besides, metal addictive manufacturing will waste much less raw materials which is also considered as an environmentally friendly technology. However, Metal 3D printer cost can be a huge budget for personal usage, so, here we list Top 5 Metal 3D Printers.

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Part 1. Top 5 Metal 3D Printers

1. SLM 125

Speaking of the best Metal 3D printer and affordable metal 3d printer, we don't want to miss this name: SLM Solution printers. SLM 125 is the smallest machine in the SLM Solutions’ lineup, featuring compact, accurate high-power printing for low powder volume applications. It is an ideal Metal 3D Printing solution for different users, from rapid prototyping and small batch manufacturing to mass production. Although the size’s small, SLM 125 offers a large-built plate and powerful laser which makes it a flexible Metal 3D printer. There are a variety of materials can be processed with SLM 125, including stainless steel, cobalt-chrome, nickel alloys, aluminum, and titanium. Besides, with a reduced number of powder-transporting components, materials can be changed quickly and easily on SLM 125. SLM 125 is also an optimal system for all users, form Metal 3D beginner, research institutes, to prototype manufacturers because it can satisfy customers’ requirements and allows the user to adjust the selective laser melting strategy.

slm 125

Image Source: SLM Solutions

2. SLM 800

SLM 800 is another ideal Laser Metal 3D printer for large-scale metal part production. It uses an extended z-axis to deliver high efficiency and quality. To reduce exposure on every layer and improve part quality, SLM 800 is vertically extending the build envelope. Besides, vertical orientations save materials and need less post-processing. Featuring an integrated powder tank, SLM 800 delivers high safety and ensures material quality while printing. In addition, with high compatibility with SLM HUB, utilizing SLM 800 to Metal 3D Printing is cost-effective as all recovered powder can be returned to the powder supply and can be used in the next printing. Moreover, the patented laminar gas flow built in SLM 800 ensures a maximum removal of condensate in the build chamber, which facilitate the laser has a clear path to the powder bed. Therefore, high-quality parts can be guaranteed.

slm 800

Image Source: SLM Solutions

3. ZRapid iSLM160

To buy Metal 3D printer, ZRapid iSLM160 is being able to cater for your needs. Utilizing a high energy and fine spot laser, iSLM160 can produce parts with complex structures in an efficient way. The manufactured parts are with highly precise dimension, high tensile, high density, and good mechanical properties. It is suitable for high quality metal parts rapid prototyping and can be used directly. Besides, even before polishing, the metal parts that produced by iSLM160 have high quality surface finish. If you are looking to make functional metal parts with high accuracy and precision effectively and rapidly, iSLM160 satisfies your needs with a wide range of materials.

zrapid islm160

Image Source: ZRapid

4. ProtoFab PF-M 150

After seeking lots of home Metal 3D printers, would you consider buying a professional one to produce high quality and high precision metal parts under high speed? ProtoFab PF-M 150 can print complex-structured parts with high precision, high strength, and excellent mechanical properties. With compact size, streamlined designs, and durable components, it delivers a user-friendly printing experience to users. The molding space is 150 x 180 mm, which supports different printing demands. While it can print a wide range of metal materials, such as stainless steel, cobalt chrome, bronze, titanium, aluminum, etc.

protofab pf-m 150

Image Source: ProtoFab

5. Concept Laser X Line 2000R

Metal 3D printer price can be diverse, especially if you are planning to find an office-friendly industrial metal 3D printer. Concept Laser X Line 2000R is highly reliable industrial metal 3D printer, which is made for large scale metal production with high quality. It is an ideal machine to create metal parts for many high-tech industries, such as aviation, space, and automotive. “Print large parts safely, efficiently and consistently.”, the build volume of the X Line 2000R is 160 liters and the laser light power is 2 x 1kW. It supports manufacture larger functional parts and technical prototypes with repeatable material properties. More importantly, the X Line 2000R has a rotating mechanism, allowing to use two build modules reciprocally, which ensures that production is constant with minimal downtimes. So, if you are looking for professional and reliable industrial metal 3D printers, and the budget is not limited, Concept Laser X Line 2000R is totally worth considering.

concept laser x line 2000r

Image Source: GE Additive

Part 2. Metal 3D Printing at Wenext

After knowing some metal 3D printers, and we can understand that metal 3D printer cost is not affordable for everyone and it may not be an affordable solution for Metal 3D Printing if you just want to print several times per year. However, there is another solution-online Metal 3D Printing! As one of the major 3D Printing experts in Asia, Wenext offers online Metal 3D Printing services to customers worldwide. The metal printing technology in Wenext is SLM 3D Printing which can produce metal parts with high precision, high quality, good mechanical properties, and smooth surface finish. You can upload 3D designs in STL format via Wenext instant quoting engine, Wenext will deliver the metal parts efficiently with affordable price. We are dedicated to support you for rapid prototyping, small batch production or mass production at any time.

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