20 Useful 3D Printed Gadgets of July 2022

Written by Fiona    2022-07-20

If you already have experience with 3D Printing and are familiar with 3D printers, in addition to the parts and other designs required by your company, why not try printing some cool 3D gadgets that can simplify your life? We have collected 20 useful 3D printable gadgets that can be easily printed to provide more convenience for your life, and hopefully can inspire you to use 3D printing to print more handy gadgets.

cool 3D gadgets

Image Source: samster 3d

20 Useful 3D Printed Gadgets

1. Customizable Cable Tie

This is a tiny handy gadget, but you may always forget to buy it or always consume it too fast. When you should use it but run out of it, at that time, you can use your 3D printer to print a tie, and you can find the corresponding 3D model online or design one yourself. Remember to print a practical tie with suitable material.

3d printed cable tie, handy gadget

Image Source: Devin Montes

2. Phone Tripod

When you want to use your phone to take a picture of yourself or a group photo of yourself and your friends, this phone tripod may help you. It is made of printable resin material and some simple standard screw mounting. Many people have tried to 3D print their phone tripods and install adjustable screw mounts on the top so that it is not only a cool phone gadget that can also be mounted GoPro and camera but also a multi-purpose tripod.cool phone gadgets, 3d print

Image Source: TB3D

3. GoPro Knuckles

GoPro is convenient for taking photos and filming a video, but when you are using GoPro, it is always inconvenient to hold because GoPro is so small and easy to lose. Why not try 3D Printing GoPro Knuckles, which can be well held to capture your landscape on the journey, but also according to the size of your hand to 3D print a GoPro Knuckles that best suits you. It only takes you three hours to 3D print and assembles. You will have a unique and handy gadget made by yourself.

go pro gadgets, cool gadgets, 3d printed gadets

Image Source: Wanhao

4.Spice Rack Pullout

Always felt that the fridge is too cluttered? Can't find the drinks or snacks you want? Maybe a Spice Rack Pullout can help you organize your refrigerator. Its principle is straightforward. It is a 3D printable gadget. The advantage of 3D printing is that it can be designed to meet your usage habits and fit the size of your refrigerator. With it, you can quickly sort and organize your refrigerator.

3D printable gadget

Image Source: SpongyBob

5.Cable Guard

Is your charging cable always damaged for various reasons? Especially the iPhone charging cable is always extra fragile. You only need a small gadget to help you extend the life of your charging cable. 3D Printing such a useful gadget will not take much time, but it will help you save money on purchasing charging cables.

useful gadget, small gadget

Image Source: Sergio Romero

6. Screw-on Bag Clip

This useful gadget is a bag clip that consists of three parts. You can 3D print it separately with your 3D printer. This Screw-on Bag Clip can be excellent for keeping the food in the bag fresh, and more than that, because it has a design like a bottle cap, it can also be easily opened or closed.

useful gadgets

Image Source: WildVal

7. Charging Outlet Shelf

When you want to charge your phone, you will find that not all the outlets are just the right location, some locations are too narrow, and some have no places to put the phone. Then this Charging Outlet Shelf will be an excellent solution to these problems. This cool phone gadget will allow you to charge anywhere without any trouble.

cool phone gadget

Image Source: Tosh Sayama

8. Lens Cap

Whether as a hobbyist or professional photographer, you will know how easy it is to neglect and lose the lens cap. It is also a 3D printable gadget. Instead of spending money every time to buy a different size lens cap, why not print your lens cap at home? 3D printing your own lens cap can be much cheaper than buying the original one. Their role is not much different.

3D printable gadget

Image Source: MyMiniFactory Spare Parts

9. Keychain Phone Stand

You may have ordinary keychains, or perhaps you can buy your favorite ACG peripheral. But since you are familiar with 3d printing, why not try printing a peripheral keychain of your favorite movie or anime keychains, you can design it according to an online 3D model, or you can design your peripheral keychain with iconic elements. It will be the most meaningful one of your cool gadgets.

cool gadgets

Image Source: rorys3D

10. Buckle

Buckles may be very common but are not durable and often appear damaged. And it also belongs to 3D printed gadgets. If you design a durable 3D print buckle model, it is simple and easy to print and saves you money in buying buckles.

3d printed gadgets


11. Sandal

Maybe you wear sandals every day, but you never thought you could print your pair of sandals, which can be customized to the size and shape of your feet because not everyone's feet are exactly the same as the standard size. If you print this cool gadget, you can choose the shape and color you want and choose the suitable soft and hard resin to print. It has the potential to be the most comfortable pair of sandals you've ever had.

cool 3d printed gadgets

Image Source: Franc Falco

12. Desk Bag Hook

When the desktop is full of stuff did not have enough places to put your bag, you will need a 3D printable gadget called a desk bag hook. This desk bag hook is different from other hooks that require punching or EVA. It takes the use of knowledge of mechanics to achieve balance. It is suitable for any table thickness and easy to carry. Remember to use PETG material to print to ensure that it is solid and durable.

3d printable gadget

Image Source: PieSupplies

13. Glasses Case

A glasses case is a useful gadget for people who wear glasses, but it is always forgotten or lost, so why not use 3D Printing technology to promise a few more? They can be designed according to your glasses size and type, not only can reflect your personality but also can protect your glasses.

useful gadget

Image Source: Laura Pantaleone

14. Coin Sorter

Always get a lot of coins from the supermarket or restaurant for change, too heavy and inconvenient to put in the wallet, and easy to find at home, this time you can design a 3D printed coin sorter, you can set different heights, column such as the height of ten penny coins put full you set a dime, very convenient to calculate.3d printed coin sorter

Image Source: Eugene Pentland

15. Cable Organizer

Phone charging and mouse cables are always cluttered on the desktop and negatively affect our work and study. You can use 3D printing technology to print a small gadget named a cable organizer, design the color and size, print how many to store your charging cable, and the desktop becomes neat.

small gadget

Image Source: MarvinGbrt

16. Vases  

There are many different styles of vases, but some uncommon vases are challenging to buy. For lovers of flower arrangement, the best 3D Printing small gadget is their printing vase design by themselves. Because it can perfectly meet their needs, the design of the vase is also relatively simple, and printing will not take too much time.

3d printing small gadget

Image Source: Clockspring

17. Phoneholder

Modern people cannot leave the phone for a second, even in the bathroom. If you 3D printing an phoneholder hang it on the glass door of the shower room, or hanging on the hook. You can design some hole on the bottom as a sound amplifier, you can listen to songs while take a shower, for modern people is really a useful and cool phone gadget.

phone gadget

Image Source: Roy Santome

18. Pencil Holder

Whether you go to school or work, you need a pen to help you. So you will need a pencil holder since the market's pencil holders don't seem innovative. Why not print one if you want to show your personality? You can design some different pen holders. It can be simple, convenient, complex, and exquisite, using 3d printing technology to design cool 3D printed gadgets.cool 3D printed gadgets

Image Source: Erwin Boxen

19. Proteus Key Holder

Keychains can be great for stringing all your keys together, but a proteus key holder brings all your keys together and organizes them. So, you can quickly find the right one from all your keys. Come along and try 3D printing this handy gadget.

handy gadget

Image Source: Protean Man

20. Toothpaste Squeezer

Toothpaste becomes very difficult to squeeze out when it only has the last bit at the end. It would help if you had a useful gadget. A toothpaste squeezer can be a good solution to this problem. You only need to print out the three parts and a simple assembly, and you can get this practical toothpaste squeeze.

useful gadget

Image Source: Lizandro

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