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Written by Abigail    2022-04-28

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We are always saying that 3D Printing turns creativity into reality, but there is not everyone can turn the imagination into a digital 3D design that 3D Printing file format needs. Fortunately, there are many useful websites provides 3D printable STL files so that 3D Printing beginners can find and download it for FREE. However, it is difficult to choose the right website to create 3D models for 3D Prints, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, we selected top 10 free 3D model websites as the repository for you to 3D Print any ideas. Please check the following list for free STL files for 3D Printing.


Part 1. Top 10 Sites for Free STL Files

1. Thangs

Thangs is a search engine and community for free 3D models and free STL files. You can search, store and collaborate through Thangs, while you can get access to thousands of publicly available STL files which is also posted with a download link. Therefore, you are being able to 3D Print the one you like directly. Moreover, it is easy to find and search whatever you like on Thangs by its neat and simple webpage interface, and you can also find the popular 3D models regularly.


Image Source: Thangs


2. Pinshape

As a professional platform which aims at providing high quality 3D designs and free 3D models, Phinshape helps you find and download what you need for 3D Printing easily. Launched by 3D Printer manufacture Formlabs, Pinshape delivers 3D Print resources to not only makers by also beginners. It has a wide range of categories for 3D designs, and you can find the navigation directly on the top of the page. Besides, Pinshape has education, community, and learn sections to help and guide 3D Print beginners.


Image Source: Pinshape


3. 3DExport

3DExport is a marketplace that connects buyer and seller and made for professional designers and 3D artists, it can deliver inspiration and idea to you. Nevertheless, 3DExport provides more than 10,000 free 3D models, and thousands of free STL files are also available. Besides, there are many free 3D tutorials on 3DExport's which will help you learn creative skills and earn money by selling your creations on this platform.


Image Source3DExport


4. Yeggi

Yeggi is the search engine for 3D printable models, and has indexed over 3.2 million 3D models. You can find most of the 3D models on Yeggie are in STL format and free, which means you can download the STL file model directly. Although you may think the organization of Yeggie’s webpage interface is clunky, it leads you to search, view, and reach STL files quickly and easily.


Image Source: Yeggi


5. Cluts3D

Cults3D is one of the first 3D model websites that founded in 2014. It is not only a repository but a marketplace, aiming at offering high quality 3D models, and free STL files for 3D Printing. There are many talented 3D modelers and 3D Print designers are using Cluts3D as a community to search and collaborate, so you can find a lot of fun and cool things to 3D Print on Cluts3D.


Image Source: Cults


6. MyMiniFactory

You can discover a ton of free STL files for 3D Printing on MyMiniFactory, and most of the file quality is high. There are thousands of 3D models from a wide range of categories, however, MyMiniFactory can be a community for tabletop gaming 3D models. In additions, it is a marketplace for professional designers to sell their creations. Subscription services and regular 3D design challenges are special features on the website.


 Image Source: MyMiniFactory


7. YouMagine

YouMagine is an STL file repository where makers publish 3D designs. It states there are over 19,000 open-source designs that are ready to print on the website and aims at providing a simple and quick platform for STL file seekers. From beginners to professional designers, they can find the satisfying free STL files on YouMagine. Besides, it is a good place to search and find fun things to 3D Print.


Image Source: YouMagine


8. Turbosquid

Turbosuqid is a marketplace for high quality 3D models, but it features a large amount of free 3D models and free STL files for 3D Printing. It aims at delivering inspiration to creative professionals and helping beginners who want to build a career as a 3D modeler. More importantly, Turbosquid’s mission is to save customers the time of making a 3D model, and instead let them spend their time on other priorities.


Image Source: Turbosuqid


9. Sketchfab

To find and discover free and high quality STL files for 3D Printing, Sketchfab is a good destination. It is a 3D model marketplace, and the navigation on the website is easy to understand as well. You can find free 3D models and free downloadable STL files on EXPLORE section, while the paid ones are on BUY 3D MODELS section. Besides, there are many cool ideas to 3D Print on Sketchfab.


Image Source: Sketchfab


10. Instructables

Instructable is not only a free 3D model repository for makers from all backgrounds, but also a friendly community for DIY hobbyist and professionals. You can find a ton of downloadable project files on the website. All you have to do is to type ‘3D models’ on the search section, then you see thousands of results of 3D model projects with helpful information and files, including instructions and step-by-step guidelines on every project.


Image Source: Instructable


Part 2. Online 3D Printing Service

Now, 3D models and STL files are not the obstacles for you to create your own 3D printed products, and you can find printable 3D models on top 10 websites we recommend to you directly! Nevertheless, here may come another issue, how to 3D print those 3D models?

If you own a 3D printer yourself, you can print the models freely. But, if you don’t have one, it is not a problem to worry about either because Wenext delivers online 3D Printing services to you!

wenext 3d printing


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