Cool & Fun Things to 3D Print in 2022

Written by Abigail    2022-04-26

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Sometimes you may think most of 3D Prints are made for industrial designs, and it is hard to take 3D Printing as hobby because of limited design options. However, there are lots of fun 3D Prints and functional 3D Prints that will trigger your idea and inspiration. Sometimes you may get bored and just need to spend good time on DIY, and DIY 3D printed items is another recreation that makes you happy. Therefore, we collect 20 cool and fun things to 3D Print for you, they are printable, and the process is enjoyable! Let’s get it!

fun things to 3d print

Part 1. Cool & Fun Things to 3D Print

We list 20 cool and fun things to 3D Print in 2022 for you, please take a look at the following list and share your thoughts with us!

1. Rocktopus 3D Print

You may be wondering if we make a mistake on spelling octopus, because octopus 3D Print is the common one. But we are talking about rock-topus exactly! The Rocktopus makes for 3D printed legend figures, and Dr. Bravestone is the symbolic figure of Rocktopus 3D Prints. You can also define your own x-topus, like Tysontopus and Kanyetopus. And you can paint the favorite color on your Rocktopus 3D Prints!

Where to download: Cults

rocktopus 3d prints

Image Source: Cults

2. Articulated Dragon 3D Print

Are you obsessed with dragon 3D Prints? And now you can print a flexible dragon in one piece without any supports, the articulated dragon 3D Print. It is smoothing 3D Print which is printed by resin. If you need to make the dragon vivid, the details and decoration of the dragon needs to be assembled after printing.

Where to download: Cults

articulated dragon 3d print

Image Source: Cults

3. Lego 3D Print

To spend good time and get rid of boredom, Lego would be a popular choice for many people. Besides, there is another option for you, Lego 3D Print. Spray the 3D printed Lego parts in various colors and enjoy assembling them together!

Where to download: Thingiverse

lego 3d print

Image Source: Thingiverse

4. Squid Game Mask 3D Print

Squid Game was one of the most popular shows that made by Netflix last year. Do you want to be the masked leader and wearing the custom Squid Game mask that make by 3D Printing? Or are you a cosplayer and eager to have your Squid Game mask on anime expo? We hope this cool 3D Print idea helps you!

Where to download: Cults

squid game mask 3d print

Image Source: Cults

5. Geralt of Rivia 3D Print

Geralt of Rivia is the key character in the Witcher. If you are fan of the Witcher, you can print Geralt in different size by 3D Printing. Besides, you can choose various materials for Geralt 3D Print such as resin, metal, and nylon.

Where to download: Cults

geralt of rivia 3d print

Image Source: Cults

6. Batman 3D Print

As one of the representative heroes of DC Comic, Batman is popular with people of all ages. Besides, Batman can be your ideal custom 3D Print idea. You can choose printing materials such as resin and nylon to print the Batman in different sizes and colors.

Where to download: Cults

batman 3d print

Image Source: Cults

7. Spiderman 3D Print

Spider-Man: No Way Home, the most watched movies of 2021 and early 2022, can be your inspiration of Marvel figures 3D Print. Spray and paint the spiderman 3D Print, making it your own hero!

Where to download: Cults

spiderman 3d print

Image Source: Cults

8. Kamado Nezuko 3D Print

For anime, Kamado Nezuko in Demon Slayer is your choice to create fun & cute anime figure 3D Print. Moreover, you can also DIY your one and only Kamado Nezuko by coloring and dressing her after 3D Printing.

Where to download: Cults

kamado nezuko 3d print

Image Source: Cults

9. Gundam 3D Print

Some would say garage kit wouldn’t be complete without Gundam. And now, you can create your own Gundam garage kit with 3D Printing technology. It is not only can be printed in resin and nylon, but also metal, so that you can print some special parts for your Gundam model.

Where to download: Cults

gundam model

Image Source: Cults

10. Groot Figure 3D Print

For another popular and fun Marvel 3D Print figures, why not Groot! We recommend you to choose resin to print Groot so that you can DIY the Groot 3D Print and have a great time.

Where to download: Gambody

groot 3d print

 Image Source: Gambody

11. Fomular1 Car 3D Print

As Netflix’s Formula 1: Drive to Survive TV series caught many attentions, Fomular1 2022 season is now the main sport topic worldwide. Buy a F1 car models from Spark or Minichamps is quite an expense. But now, car model parts that made by 3D Printing can help you cut budget.

Where to download: Cults

fomular1 car 3d print

Image Source: Cults

12. World Cup Football 3D Print

World Cup 2022 is on the way, why not have a World Cup football as a souvenir! You may think it is too expensive to buy one, but have you considered a football 3D Print in a small size? You can also choose resin as the printing material and paint the 3D printed football by yourself.

Where to download: Thingiverse

3d printed football

Image Source: Thingiverse

13. Elden Ring Figures 3D Print

What is on the top on Steam in this February? Absolutely Elden Ring! We bet you have chosen your ‘career’ in Elden Ring. Besides, we are talking about that you can make your ‘career’ into reality by 3D Printing.

Where to download: Cults

elden ring figuresImage Source: Cults

14. Horizon Forbidden West Aloy 3D Print

Time for creating 3d model for your PS5 game figures? How about Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West! Brave, faithful, and intelligent Aloy is totally worth spending time creating her 3D printed model as one of your collections.

Where to download: Cults

aloy 3d print

Image Source: Cults

15. Toothpaste Squeezer 3D Print

There are lots of useful 3D Prints that will make you feel happier in daily life, 3D printed toothpaste squeezer, for instance. Use the squeezer that designed by your own and make your lifestyle a more self-efficient one.

Where to download: Thingiverse

3d printed toothpaste squeezer

Image Source: Thingiverse

16. Phone Cases 3D Print

Phone Cases can also be 3D printed. Choose the printing material and draw something special on the case, to decorate and protect your phone in a stylish way.

Where to download: Cgtrader

phone cases 3d print

Image Source: Cgtrader

17. Lamps 3D Print

Decorate your nightstand with 3D printed lamps that created by yourself and sleep tight every night!

Where to download: Cults

3d printed lamps

Image Source: Cults

18. Planter 3D Print

You can replace traditional clay pots for your mini garden by 3D printed planters! To inspire yourself or make your mini garden more attractive, use 3D printed planters to hold your plants!

Where to download: Cults

3d printed planters

Image Source: Cults

19. Pencil Holder 3D Print

You may get mad when you couldn’t find your pens when it matters most. That’s why you need a pencil holder to keep your pens all organized. And why not consider a pencil holder 3D Print that made by your intelligence.

Where to download: Thingiverse

pencil holder 3d print

Image Source: Thingiverse

20. Laptop and Smartphone Stand 3d Print

Customize 3D printed laptop and smartphone stand to enable you to work and relax in a healthy way by protecting your neck.

Where to download: Thingiverse

3d printed laptop

Image Source: Thingiverse

All those are 20 cool & fun things to 3D print. If you want to find websites for free 3d models and free STL files, please click here to know more.

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wenext metal 3d printing

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