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Written by Abigail    2022-05-19

With the development of 3D Printing technologies and metal materials, Metal 3D Printing plays an important role in many industries and demands of Metal 3D Printing keep increasing. However, Metal 3D Printing machine is not an affordable solution for everyone and metal 3D Printing cost can be diverse. Regarding this, we have written an article Metal 3D Printer Cost - Top 5 Metal 3D Printers. Fortunately, there are a growing number of metal 3D Printing companies so that engineers and industrial designers can order metal 3D prints and create functional metal parts from them directly. In this article, we will introduce Top 10 Metal 3D Printing Services to you, and we will discuss those service providers via response efficiency, services, technologies, materials, lead time, etc.

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Part 1. Top Metal 3D Printing Services

1. Wenext

If you are looking for custom metal 3D Printing, please check Wenext's metal 3D Printing rapid prototyping services! Wenext is a manufacturing service bureau that provides a wide range of 3D Printing services, and you can metal 3D Printing online with Wenext. Wenext is dedicated to deliver metal 3D Printing as easy as online shopping, while the metal 3D printed parts are high quality. With self-developed manufacturing systems, Wenext is able to produce metal parts efficiently and effectively, you can enjoy the affordable price and professional services from Wenext. The main metal 3D printing technology in Wenext is SLM, and they provide a wide range of materials and post-processing is available for every 3D printed parts.


2. CraftCloud

CrafuCloud is a 3D Printing service marketplace that provides you 3D Printing services without service fee and minimum order amounts, which means you are able to print freely via CraftCloud. To search metal 3D Printing technologies and metal 3D Printing materials on CraftCloud, you can find out that there are a variety of services and materials to choose. As a comprehensive platform, users can get instant metal 3D Printing quote and high-quality metal parts at the best price as CraftCloud will compare prices amongst manufacturing partners worldwide in real time. If you are too busy to quoting each metal 3D Printing companies, hope you can get the satisfying price on CraftCloud.


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3. Xometry

If you are looking for high-quality industrial Metal 3D Printing, Xometry provides DMLS and Binder Jetting service to you. If you are not sure which service to use, Xometry explains everything on its website for you. Besides, basically it is STL files needed for metal 3D Printing as well, however, Xomtery supports different file formats such as STEP, STP, SLDPRT, STL, DXF, etc. So, the file format is not limited which is more user-friendly, and users can upload the file directly on the instant quoting engine. It is highly efficient. Speaking of metal printing materials, Xometry delivers Aluminum AlSi10Mg, Stainless Steel 17-4, Stainless Steel 316/L, Maraging Steel MS1, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, Titanium Ti64 for DMLS. And, X1 Metal 420i (420 stainless infiltrated with bronze) and six finishes are available for Metal Binder Jetting.


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4. FIT

FIT is a leading addictive manufacturing industry partner located in Germany. With around 25 years experiences in metal 3D Printing, FIT understands user’s specific requirements and strives to competently navigate from the idea through to the finished component whatever it is a metal prototype, a metal spare part, or an additively manufactured mass-produced metal part. Moreover, to satisfy various demands, FIT provides individual consultation and training services for metal 3D Printing beginners or engineers. FIT acts as a “guide for additive manufacturing” to show the best path to reach manufacturing goals and FIT works together with customers to develop and implement a better, more cost-effective, or faster metal 3D Printing solution.


Image Source: FIT

5. Protolabs

If you are looking for a reliable rapid prototyping and production partner, Protolabs Metal 3D Printing can help. What metal 3D Printing service that Protolabs delivers is DMLS and it builds fully functional metal prototypes and production parts in 7 days or less.

et an online quote with free analysis in hours for quality parts within days. The final parts can be used for end-use applications directly. There are options for metal 3D Printing is Protolabs, including stainless steel (17-4 ph), stainless steel (316l), aluminum (alsi10mg), inconel 718, cobalt chrome (co28cr6mo), copper (cuni2sicr), titanium (ti6al4v). Besides, you can check comparisons of these materials on Protolabs website. Protolabs has post-processing capabilities for metal 3D printed parts to satisfy various demands.

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6. Sculpteo

With over ten years experiences on 3D Printing services and being acquired by ASF 3D Printing Solutions, Sculpteo offers a wide selection of high-performance materials developed by BASF and dedicated to deliver comprehensive 3D Printing solutions. Sculpteo had served various industries such as automotive, consumer goods, robotics, medical industry, etc. Sculpteo provides SLM and DMLS metal 3D Printing for prototyping and production, the lead times is basically from 15 to 25 days which is efficient and versatile. The material for SLM metal 3D Printing is aluminum AISi7Mg0,6 for now, while DMLS Metal 3D Printing has stainless steel 316L and titanium 6AI-4V.


Image Source: Sculpteo

7. i.materialise

i.materialise is a 3D Printing marketplace offering professional and premium 3D Printing services to maker, engineer, designer, and enterprise. With more than 25 years experiences on 3D Printing and its large-scale 3D Printing capacity, you can trust metal 3D Printing in Materialise. Besides, Materialise takes 3D Printing as a path of creation, and strives to improve the quality of 3D printed parts. Metal 3D Printing technology that Materialise applies is DMLS and SLM, you can choose a large selection of materials and finishes on its website.


Image Source: i.Materialise

8. Stratasys

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is being formed as Stratasys combined established service providers Solid Concepts, RedEye and Harvest Technologies in 2014, which is the leader of 3D Printing now. With decades of 3D Printing experiences in the industry, Stratasys have developed metal 3D Printing processes and materials that can deliver optimal metal 3D Printing solution to customers. Furthermore, with seven manufacturing locations and the largest 3D Printing capacity in North America, Stratsys is being able to ensure successful projects for customers and deliver metal 3D printed parts with high efficiency. Statasys metal 3D Printing is DMLS and they provide a wide range of metal materials to ensure a versatile metal printing for every customer.


Image Source: Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

9. Shapeways

Shapeways is a 3D Printing service platform which headquartered in NYC. The three elements as automation, innovation, and digitization in Shapeways, which makes Shapeways keeps producing the best-in-class 3D printed parts and providing professional services to customers. Besides, with the self-developed digital manufacturing solutions, Shapways is able to streamline the supply chain, lower manufacturing barriers and expedite delivery of 3D printed parts with high quality. Shapeways offers dedicated metal 3D Printing services, the main technology is SLM. You can discover more on its website and get instant response.


Image Source: Shapeways

10. Fathom MFG

Fathom MFG is an American digital manufacturing hub that provides advanced 3D Printing services and on-demand small volume production services. “We are creative problem solvers that deliver high efficiency outcomes.” They are confident about the quality and services. For metal 3D Printing in Fathom, they can deliver DMLS parts is as soon as three days! And they are experts on complex metal parts, functional metal prototypes, and end-use parts. Besides, there are a wide range of materials for metal 3D Printing, such as stainless steel, cobalt chrome, titanium, aluminum, etc.

fathom mfg

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