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Written by Abigail    2022-10-20

CNC manufacturing has more advantages than other processing methods, so it is widely used in many industries. Namely, Medical, aerospace, transposition, oil and gas, military and defense, electronics, marine, Consumer, and Commercial industries. The CNC industries  has matured after many years of development. There are 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machining that can be utilized for many specific uses and industries.

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Part 1. What's CNC Machining?

CNC is the abbreviation of Computer numerical control, a kind of automatic machine tool controlled by the program. The control system can logically process the program with control code or symbolic instructions. Through the computer installation, ug, pm, and other software will be decoded so that the machine can perform the prescribed action through the tool, cutting the blank material into semi-finished finished parts.


CNC manufacturing can adapt to many industries because it can create precise, complex, and custom parts that can be utilized for many specific uses.


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Part 2. What Industries Use CNC Machining?

1. Medical Industry


Medical devices and surgical tools all require the use of CNC technology. The treatment options for doctors and medical professionals worldwide have increased significantly due to CNC machining for medical devices and equipment. The demand for precision parts in the medical industry has always been high, requiring adequate stocks and constant production and processing of new CNC machinery parts. There are many types of CNC machines that you can choose any one to adapt to the needs of the medical industry. Because there are various materials and equipment, medical workers can use CNC medical machines to create a wide range of parts like Implants, MRI machines, Orthotic devices, etc.


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2.Aerospace Industry


The aviation industry has very high or even demanding requirements for its products' structural design, function, performance, product quality, and reliability. Many new materials and structures are first applied to aircraft components. National defense needs and market competition require significantly shorter aerospace product development cycles and production cycles. In addition, the average cost of the final product needs to be continuously reduced, thus placing higher demands on aerospace manufacturing and requiring advanced manufacturing technologies. Modern CNC machining is a vital part of advanced manufacturing technology and has become a powerful key technology, especially in CNC aerospace manufacturing.


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3. Transportation Industry


CNC machining has contributed to manufacturing. Because it has become so common that we think manually operated machines are unnecessary. And CNC machine shop  can quickly achieve the target production while manual machines can not keep up the pace.


The transportation industry is known for its high manufacturing rates. In 2017, one of the largest automakers, Volkswagen Group, produced 10.9 million vehicles worldwide, which equates to 29,000 vehicles per day. This can only be achieved by using advanced, high-speed manufacturing machines, such as CNCs(CNC auto), to produce specific parts 24 hours a day, each consistently and accurately, with few deviations.


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4.Oil and Gas Industry


The oil and gas industry typically requires the machining of parts with critical tolerances, complex geometries and unique materials. CNC manufacturing can achieve superior accuracy, but it can also machine materials that cannot be machined by other manufacturing methods, including titanium, copper, plastics and special alloys that meet the specific requirements of oilfield and energy components.


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5. robotic industry


CNC Machining is often used to produce custom parts for the robotics industry. This makes CNC Machining become an ideal manufacturing option because of its economically unique ability to produce precision machining parts. First of all, the lead time for CNC machined parts is shorter than many other processes. The design of the final part may take only a few hours. This allows for the rapid iterations and improvements needed for many custom robotic applications. 


Secondly, CNC machining allows for precise control of surface finish. Part flatness and surface finish are vital characteristics in many robotic cases because they need gripping or suction.


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6. Electronics Industry


The electronics manufacturing industry is constantly changing. Because new technologies and products are being introduced regularly, it has seen a significant shift recently with CNC machining. This technology can increase efficiency and productivity and allow for greater precision and accuracy in the manufacturing process. CNC manufacturing has become an essential part of the electronics manufacturing process and has helped improve product quality and reduce costs.


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7. Marine Industry


Nowadays, the maritime sector is moving towards a greener future. To make this transformation, the maritime industry must be digitized and automated. Part of this process is the application of CNC machining, which includes ships of all shapes and sizes that travel through the world's waterways. To build high-quality and high-performance ships, manufacturing parts requires precision and efficiency. These are two critical features of CNC manufacturing.


The foundation of all ocean-going vessels at sea is the hull. This is made from a mould that is manufactured precisely to specifications. The hull is directly dependent on the ship's quality, durability and overall appearance. Electronically programmed CNC machines will produce accurate moulds and detect errors before they occur.


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Part 3. CNC Machining at Wenext

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