25 Cool Things to 3D Print for July 2022

Written by Fiona    2022-07-18

When you are already very familiar with 3D Printing, want to print things have tried, and need some fresh inspiration for 3D Printing ideas, this article can help you. Here is a collection of 25 new and cool things to 3D print. They are practical and exciting. Even some can be given as gifts. Not only can you show your skills can also let your friends also understand the new technology of 3D Printing.

25 Cool Things to 3D Print

1. Bee Hotel

Bees have their own hives so that they can have a safe habitat even in the city. But other insects live in wood, stone, or earth and do not have a safe and solid habitat, so that this 3D Printing bee hotel can provide a long-term home for these insects. It might be a little bit difficult to print, but it is cool stuff to 3D print.

cool stuff to 3d print

Image Source: Marco3D

2. Maker Lamp

As a 3D Printing hobbyist, the ordinary lamp does not show your personality. Using standard light bulbs and 3D Printing parts to form a novelty maker lamp. This lamp that looks like a puppy may give you some inspiration. It is a fun thing to 3D print a lamp based on your favorite animal.

fun thing to 3d print

Image Source: anthony

3. Container Box Capsule

Printing a box may be boring, but how about a container box capsule you can carry around and hang on your bag? You can put an earphone or money into this container box capsule, which can be designed according to your preference. It is a useful 3D Printing gadget. It can be high technology or an inconspicuous ordinary box, which is up to you.

useful 3d printing gadget

Image Source: Clockspring

4. Apple Watch Stand

Apple Watch officially has an official watch stand, but it's usually expensive, with fewer options. If you design an apple watch stand and 3D print it out, you can save a fortune and get a 3D Printing apple watch stand that fits your room style.

3d printing apple watch stand

Image Source: Jake Hinderer

5. Tea Bag Hanger

A tea bag hanger is just a tiny gadget, but we use it almost every day, so why don't we design a cool 3D Printing tea bag hanger, such as this Valentine's Day-inspired tea bag hanger, or maybe you can design your tea bag hanger based on a holiday.

cool 3d Printing

Image Source: Marco3D

6. Clock

You may think that 3D Printing a clock will be complicated. In fact, It is not difficult at all. You only need to design the clock shape and style, buy a wall clock movement, put them together, look at the following design that shows full play to the imagination, and design a nearly impossible creative 3D Printing clock to buy on the market complex and beautiful clock.

creative 3d printing

Image Source: Steve Peterson

7. Seed Pot

It is also a good idea to 3D print a seed pot, because you can design pots that match the decor of your home, or you can develop special creative pots for small miniature plants.It can be a really creative 3D Printing stuff.

creative 3d printing stuff

Image Source: Federico Tonini

8. Digital Sundial

You may know the sundial, but you must be unfamiliar with the digital sundial. It blends ancient and modern scientific knowledge to make a 3D Printing project full of meaning. This cool stuff to 3D print can realize the time from 1000-1600 and display the actual time at 20-minute intervals. Because it is a sundial, it can only be used during the day!

cool stuff to 3d print

Image Source: Thingiverse

9. Self-Watering Planter

You may need one 3D Printing self-watering planter when you're going on a journey and can't water your plants in time. It is a useful 3D Printing thing that can really help you. You can prepare enough water in advance and then set the amount of watering for each day, ensuring that your plants are taken care of all week.

 useful 3d printing thing

Image Source: Cults

10. Bottle Opener and Cap Gun

There are many ordinary bottle openers, but add some design to the bottle opener to become a cool toy and cool stuff to 3D print. This bottle opener and cap gun is an examples. It opens the cap of the beer bottle and becomes much more enjoyable.

cool stuff to 3d print

Image Source: Thingiverse

11. Phone Tablet Stand

A phone tablet stand is also a fun thing to 3D print because it is easy and convenient and can make our lives more convenient. You can find all kinds of 3D models online to print, and it won't take you too much time and materials.

fun thing to 3d print

Image Source: Cherry Labs - Jonathan

12. Weekly Pill Case

When you need to take a medication or health supplement for a long time, you may forget to take it daily. Put a week's worth of medication in it. Open it once a day. This weekly pill case will help you remember to take your medication daily. It is a useful 3D Printing for those who need to take pills every day.useful 3d printing

Image Source: sam welch

13. Zippy Bag Clip

If you always open a big bag of snacks but can't finish them, this zippy bag clip may help you. It seals your snacks nicely like a zipper. It is a creative 3D Printing that benefits your life so much.

creative 3d printing

Image Source: LoboCNC

14. Honeycomb Storage Wall

Suppose you lack 3D Printing ideas. Here is cool stuff to 3D print, and at the same time, it's beneficial to help you keep all the tools you need in your life in a conspicuous and convenient place.

cool stuff to 3d print

Image Source: RostaP

15. Side Table

The side table is cool stuff to 3D print, it can be designed into various shapes with your needs, and it does not require you to 3D print all the parts. You can use the existing wooden curtain rod or other parts and the printed parts to assemble to a side table.

cool stuff to 3d print

Image Source: Nicolas / Printables

16. Cute Mini Octopus

A cute mini octopus is a cool thing to 3D print because it is an adorable little toy that is different from other octopus toys. Its leg joints can move, show the characteristics of 3D Printing, and show your 3D Printing skills.

cool thing to 3d print

Image Source: McGybeer

17. Tape Cutter

Tape Cutter is probably the most realistic 3D Printing object as it can be fitted for any type you want. So, it really can improve your efficiency when using tape.

3d printing object

Image Source: Kevin.S3

18. Laptop Stand

Your wrists and neck may be sore when you work on your laptop for long periods. 3D Printing a laptop stand will relieve your discomfort from using a laptop.

3d printed gadgets

Image Source: Mabur

19. Portable Folding Stepstool

This easy-to-carry around portable folding stepstool allows you to have a seat in line or travel. Its principle is simple and easy to print. It also has many 3D Printing models you can find online. You can 3D print the one that best suit you.

3d printed gadgets

Image Source: Wilko_SLO

20. Keychain Knife - Utility Blade Holder - Paper Cutter

 A paper cutter (AKA utility blade holder) can be hung on the keychain. It is a very useful 3D Printing. It is both portable and practical and can help you open express delivery or the packaging.

useful 3d printing

Image Source: k-eye

21. Can Opener and Lid

Opening cans will become very difficult when you just cut your nails. A 3D printed can opener and lid can help you solve this problem. Use it to open cans easily, and it will not hurt your hands.

3d printed gadgets

Image Source: LordTalon34

22. Dino Balance

Dino balance is a small toy you can print out and give to your friends or children. Adults and children will both love this fun 3D printed thing.

fun 3d prints

Image Source: Dragon

23. Earrings set

There is much cool stuff to 3D print, and e earrings set is one. You can print some simple styles to give people as a gift. It is unique and meaningful. The person receiving the gift may be delighted.

cool stuff to 3d print

Image Source: Repoholy

24. Squeeze Fan

When you feel hot outside, having a 3D printed squeeze fan may do you a big favor and cool you down quickly. This squeeze fan doesn't need extra batteries. Just squeeze it with your hand.

3d printed gadgets

Image Source: Thingiverse

25. Charger Cable Organizer

This charger cable organizer is excellent for helping you organize your charger cables, and you can try to print a few of them. With the help of this useful 3D Printing gadget, your charger cable will never get tangled again.

useful 3d printing gadget

Image Source: Prusa Printers

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